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Training Lion’s mission is to help Asia’s rising business stars elevate their professional profile by receiving recognized certificates when completing one of our corporate, business and personal training courses.

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From an employee’s first day on the job until they retire, Training Lion can clear the path of the corporate jungle.

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One of the ultimate keys to success is building teams. Our leadershop courses will teach you how effectively lead the teams your build.

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Understand your most valuable asset and how to encourage maximum fulfillment and productivity.

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Our experienced course development team can assist you in building customized online training courses to meet your unique needs.

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Your team will enjoy the small, engaging training “bites” that will make learning an integral part of their everyday workflow.

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Our executive log cabin in northwest Indiana is available for your executive team to lease for private and uninterrupted team building meetings, live personalized training, strategy development sessions on how to totally change your company’s culture, or other corporate needs. Optional meals and activities can be provided. Contact us for details and prices for packages tailored to fit your company’s needs.

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Training Lion’s mission is to help make companies and businesses more productive and profitable, create more enjoyable workplaces, build goal oriented company teams and reduce employee turnover by changing traditional corporate culture, attitudes and training from top to bottom.
Brad Shrader

Brad Shrader


Brad Shrader has spent most of his life as a serial entrepreneur launching and owning multiple businesses. He is a successful real estate investor and has owned a restaurant, a property management company, and many other successful companies.

Brad was also a Chief Operating Officer of a publicly traded company and was a member of the Board of Directors.

In 2007, he launched his first website and it grew rapidly, Through that website, he began doing consulting work with companies in that industry. The common denominators he found with most companies, was that they negative company culture, there was a lack of effective training, employees were unhappy and there was a high turnover rate. He noted that rather than there being a cohesive team, there was an us versus them between employees and management, that resulted in stunted productivity.

Brad looked at his previous experience with online training and realized that although he was able help countless companies through high quality training courses in this particular industry, most of the company’s culture still suffered. He began to reevaluate the training and how it was deployed. He discovered that, although the content was rich in education, it did nothing to change company environment. Since then he is committed to help companies change their culture and training, from top to bottom, in new and exciting ways via Training Lion LLC.

Tre Manchester

Tre Manchester

Media Director

A Chicago-based writer, producer, and director, Manchester is analyzed, organized, and concise. Executing visions with artful ingenuity, he employs strong team ethics in order to create impactful video content.

In late 2013, he founded production company Atlas Pictures whose 2014 short dramatic film, “Melancholic,” placed in the Top 200 Finals in HBO’s Project Greenlight, premiering on HBO as part of the final public-voting round before the series’ start.

After numerous festival appearances around the globe, Manchester penned The Things We’ve Seen, his debut feature which has since gone on to screen at over eleven festivals around the globe, winning two Best Feature Awards, a Best Picture nomination, Best Actor and Best Actress awards, a Rising Star award for lead actor Jarrett Maier, a Best Original Screenplay award, and three additional Best Supporting Actor, Best Young Performer and Best Actress nominations. It was also awarded the coveted Gold Remi award at the 50th Worldfest Houston, joining the ranks of George Lucas’s THX1138 and Steven Spielberg’s Amblin.

Dr. Jeffrey Lange, PMP

Dr. Jeffrey Lange, PMP

Managing Director Asia – Pacific Region

Jeffrey Lange spent most of his life being a “problem solver”. He received a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering in 1995. He began his professional career as Design Engineer where he honed his skill to design, develop, and implement solutions to the needs of the customer.

Several years later, he was presented with a problem that would alter his future. As technology rapidly advanced, more Asians were able to interact with Western society. However, due to language and cultural differences, significant deficiencies in understanding and communication existed between Asia and the West. He wanted to help bridge this gap and prepare under-privileged Asian people to participate in the global community.

He has his PhD in Cross-Cultural Education and is a certified Project Management Professional from the Project Management Institute. Currently based in S.E. Asia, he designs and develops resources for the educationally disadvantaged. He engages with local leaders to educate, train, and equip them so that they can use the tools and techniques they learn to benefit and solve problems in their local communities.

We evaluate your company’s current climate and design the most effective micro-training strategy to bring out the best in your staff.

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